Monday, 29 October 2012

It's a nice day for a...White Wedding Cake

I first met Lauren and Steve when I provided some cakes for a Vintage Winter Tale photoshoot and was chuffed when they asked me to make their wedding cake. Lauren (or Lolly as she is known) now works for Rock My Wedding blog so I knew her cake ideas would be beautiful!  She requested a cake based on a photo taken by Jose Villa (I'm afraid I don't know the designer so can't credit them).

Lauren's comment when she first saw the cake was 'it's even better the original one' - a compliment indeed!

See you all soon!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wedding Show

Hi all, we're participated in a few wedding shows recently, this post is about the Designer Vintage Bridal Show that took place at the beautiful Hagley Hall on the 22nd/23rd September....

This cake was painted with extracts from famous love letters and finished with a red peony.  Do you like the cake stand?  I displayed it in a vintage record player....
I love birdcage veils so replicated one on the cake!

White on white - I do love this combination for a cake!
Parisian Chic Wedding Cake - I think this might be my favourite!
We also ran a 'Design-a-Cake' station where visitors could put together their own design- think Mr Potato Head but with cake!
 There were fake cake tiers and toppers and decorations and ribbons to use
The DVB visitors getting stuck in!
And look at these fantastic cakes they made - what do you think?
 Even Dave got in on the act!
My sister came to help with the show - thank you Jue and Dave for all your efforts - I couldn't have done it without you!
See you all soon

Monday, 30 July 2012

Botanical Leaves Birthday Cakes

These cakes were ordered by Naomi for her 40th birthday celebration at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. 

She was having a fancy afternoon tea style party with a hundred guests but wanted to steer clear of a tiered cake so I suggested four different cakes displayed on four different cake stands and I think they looked great!  

Each cake was decorated in varying shade of icing with sugar leaves reflecting the party invitation.

The small cake was left over after the afternoon so Naomi got to take it home and extend the partying!

See you soon!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Entwined Rings Cake

When David and James approached me to make a cake for their civil partnership I was excited by the complexity of the design and a little scared! 

They requested two entwined cake rings decorated with all their individual and joint interests and items from the past.... the list was:
Piano keys & notes, Vintage Triumph Spitfire Car, DJ Decks & speakers, Records, Walking boots, Tennis racquets, Boat with mast, St Basil's Cathedral towers in Moscow, Doctor Who TARDIS, Apple, Blackboard and a sign...
And this is how it turned out!

A blackboard and red apple as James is a teacher

 David owned this blue Triumph Spitfire car so I recreated it with edible paints

Mr D made the little boat mast using wooden dowels, cotton material, wonderweb and string - he's a genius
"Doctor Whoo-oo! (HEY) The TARDIS"
This song kept playing around and around in my head while I airbrushed the TARDIS
(oh no, it's back in my head again!)
 An aerial view

 The St Basil's towers were a challenge!

 I love how the shiny cake board reflects the items above.

I think my favourite part was the blackboard, Mr D made the easel and I think it's adorable...which is your favourite part?


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Centenary Moorpool Estate!

I'm a very lucky girl.  Apart from the fact I have a fabulous husband and loving family and friends I also live in a very nice area on a very nice 'estate'. 

Our estate was built between 1907 and 1912 and was designed as part of the Garden Suburb ideal under the watchful eye of John Sutton Nettlefold.  Each house was to have some land to grow vegetables, there would be open spaces and community areas. 

Five hundred pretty houses were built on tree lined roads with a row of shops, a village hall, tennis courts, a bowling green, allotments and the Moor Pool itself, with a fishing club.  Last week was the final centenary celebration - an evening at the Winterbourne Botanic Gardens the house where Nettlefold lived and I was proud to make a cake to help the celebrations along!
Here are some photos of the estate as it looks today:

And here's the cake! 

I wanted to include the shops and some of the houses in the design so made some 2D/bas-relief/painted houses.

And I added the old original road signs - with all 16 road names of course! (they took a while to paint)

The topper was supposed to look like a house sign...not quite sure it worked

Happy Centenary Moorpool Estate!

And at the beautiful venue (you really should go to the Winterbourne Botanic Gardens if you get the chance!)

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of information about my estate!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steak and Chips Platter Cake

I was contacted by Pete at Willoughby PR and Scott from Spirit Pub Company to create a birthday cake for one of their clients.  A Flaming Grill pub was celebrating it's second anniversary and they requested a replica of their popular steak platter.

The cake was all edible with sugar steak, onions, chips and sauce...what do you think?

This was the very first time I had made savoury food like this so it took a few practice attempts, especially with the steak - difficult!  It was a great opportunity to use my much ignored airbrush too and I must say I was very happy with the results...there is room for improvement with the final look of the chips but, as I walked by them while they were drying on the worktop, I felt a huge temptation to pick one up and eat it so perhaps they weren't that bad!

See you soon...