Monday, 31 January 2011

In The Cities event

Last Thursday I was invited to an event organised by the networking group In The Cities, which is run by two wonderful PR people Bran Cook of Mother Brown PR and Judith Fine of Finesse Services.  The event was held in the centre of Birmingham in the Rotunda building at one of the penthouses owned by Staying Cool. They run serviced apartments which are super cool and in a fabulous locaion.

And the penthouse was amazing!  Stunning views over the city and even though it was on the 20th floor, and I am not good with heights, I didn't feel scared (inside anyway, I wasn't brave enough to make it out onto the balcony!!)

I decided to make a cake for the event based on the Rotunda building that we were going to be in, as well as a mountain of chocolate, vanilla and lemon cake to give out to the guests.

Here's my little table:

 This is my little Rotunda the Rotunda!

And this is the actual building my cake was based on!  What do you think?  Similar?  I wish I'd had more time to add more details to the cake but time was against me...

Until next time.. x

Friday, 28 January 2011

White and Gold Wedding Cake

This is another cake from the event last November.  The design came to be in a very unusual way - as I was trying to fall asleep I had a flash of the image in my head - is that strange??!  I think cake is definitely my obsession.

Originally the 'stems' down the side were going to be turquoise/blue but I bought a gold vintage stand so changed my mind!

Monday, 24 January 2011

I love Moo

Have you heard of Moo?  They are an amazing printing company. Their products are high quality, their website is easy to use and their service is excellent - what more can I say?

I use them for my business cards, which are the cutest size I've ever seen, and this week I ordered some greeting cards and the most adorable little stickers - I'll let you know how I intend to use these later...


Friday, 21 January 2011

Rose birthday cake for a future ballet star?

Paige was 14 last Saturday. 
She lives in Birmingham. 
Her family live in Yorkshire. 
This is because she goes to ballet school...

I find this overwhelmingly impressive.  I took ballet lessons as a child and, even though I enjoyed it, wasn't very good.   Paige is SO good that she started studying at Elmhurst School of Dance at the age of 11.  Her mum must be so proud and also a little sad that her daughter lives so far away, and I've found out that her second daughter started at the school in September - twice the pride and twice the sadness!

This was the third birthday cake that I have made for Paige (previous ones being ballet shoes and a Twilight cake).  In keeping with her 'advancing years', we went for a more grown-up design incorporating her favourite flowers and using pistachio and ruby colours.


'Just to let you know, Paige loved her cake , she sent me a message saying it is so pretty and (((((((((((((AMAZING))))))))) (that is how paige wrote it). Paige also said that you are clever and good at your cake making & she has adored every cake you have made her and they taste soooooooooo scrummy!!.'

Saturday, 15 January 2011

'Look at me I'm 40!' cake

This is another cake I made for the Style Event last year.  It was designed for a 40th birthday celebration and I wanted the feel of the cake to be celebration rather than commiseration - look at me I'm 40! 
I love the use of moulds to add texture to a cake.  These were just flower centre moulds in different sizes and painted with gold around the edges.
The figure is surrounded by 40th birthday cards - happy birthday lady!